I Can Feel It In The Air

I was inspired today to start something (again). I’ve come to the realization that in your life, specifically, you cannot always expect your path to be already laid out for you. Sometimes you have to be lay down the brick-work to build the path to your own life’s success. Hence the creation of this blog. If no one can do it for me, I’ll just do it for myself.

After having recently submitted some work to The Source Magazine for consideration for an opportunity to cover a story for them, I submitted my work then realized: all my work is like two years old! How could anyone take me serious as a writer if I’m not doing the things that a writer should do? That’s like a DJ with no iPod. I’ve had a blog before, one that I never maintained, written for a website where things fell through, shout out to Patent Magazine, but this time its different cause this time it feels more authentic, I’m ready to commit to it. Actions speak louder than words. If I speak it, I must do it and so, I write.


About threetees

A young lady who loves to write. I'm sure there is supposed to be a lot more that I should type in this box, but read my work to get to know me better.
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