Skip the Formalities

So lets get the formalities out of the way! I am a contributing writer for the online magazine, based out in California and the Canadian based,  Below you can find some my previous work and check out the commentary:
This is my review of Summer Jam Canada’s debut! I had an amazing time, I was hot, sweaty, tired and my phone died mid-way through but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, would do it all again in a heartbeat!
This was my interview with the G.O.A.T, LL Cool J. This was an interesting interview because it was right when he and Jay- Z had beef, which I asked him about. Call me fearless! And he was the biggest name in music I had interviewed yet!
Of all the artists that I had been introduced to, 88 Keys has got to be the funniest, most down to earth person, I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I also found his analogy of Adam’s quest for the va-jay-jay to be quite amusing.

I remember the day I did this interview: I was still in college and I had to hide in a staircase to escape the noise from classmates. When his publicist called me, I had to volume on my cell phone on blast, and held the mike of my recorder up real close to my phone to make sure I got it all! He sounded groggy and told me he’d just got out of an all night studio session with Lil Wayne. What I found so interesting about him was the fact that he doesn’t drink liquor! Very admirable considering the industry he chose. 

Mr. Garrett was the very first interview I completed for this site, he’s a bit of a flirt and had me blushing the entire time! Yes, black girls can blush! Enjoy the read!


About threetees

A young lady who loves to write. I'm sure there is supposed to be a lot more that I should type in this box, but read my work to get to know me better.
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