Not What You Know But Rather Whom

As I was leaving work today I ran into an old friend and he and I got to talking about the difficulties in breaking into the Canadian broadcasting industry. As much as I hate to admit, the consensus between he and I is that: it’s whom you know. Sad but true.  For the longest time I had refused to believe that such a think could be true. “Oh no, never that! Its what you know,” is what I would whisper to my subconscious, but after listening to my friend tell his story of how he came to end up in the broadcasting department at our job, just engrained that theory even more. Basically a mutual friend of ours got him the job. Smh.

When it comes down to it the industry is so limited her in Canada, there is either CTVGlobeMedia or Rogers, and this isn’t just Ontario wide, this is nation wide.  The market is way to small in Canada. My solution to that is to move. I have no problem becoming an American if it means I can get a job. I’m all for Canadian pride and patriotism, I love my country, but the reality of it is that I’m trying to chase a dream and I need to go where I can catch it.

As my friend and I stood outside, in what felt like sub zero temperatures, the conversation just kept rolling. I was able to vent and express my frustrations on this, what seems to be, a never ending career hunt. I have been applying steadily, and most diligently to CTV GlobeMedia, with no replies. I had to tweet the other day and ask, “ I wonder if CTV is tired of seeing my resume?” It is so deterring when you continually apply, and get no response. Not even an interview.  I can’t help but wonder if its me, and then I begin to question the strength of my resume, which leads me to question my ability to write. Such a vicious cycle.

When does one give up on their dream and say, “Self, let it go.” Or do you turn around and pave your own way, create your own niche?



About threetees

A young lady who loves to write. I'm sure there is supposed to be a lot more that I should type in this box, but read my work to get to know me better.
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