What is: ‘ALL’ ?

I went on a job interview the other day and met a woman, a CEO at that, by the name of Akela Peoples. She is the founder of the charity for young people, Youth in Motion. In all my years of going on job interviews, I have never had such an honest, frank and candid discussion with a potential employer. The conversation gradually became more casual as we got into discussing the concept of : having it “all” as a woman. Family, house, relationship, and health and wellness. Can you truly have it all? Her advice was to find the time to nurture all those things individually. What I admired the most about her was she decided that she wanted a career, by any means. I’m sure she could have stopped to have children along the way, but she didnt. She said, “unfortunately biology determines when you can have children…. So this, my company, is my twelve year old baby.”  I loved her tenacity to want her company to become what it is today.

Last night, I went for drinks with my girlfriend and she and I got into the same conversation and I expressed my lack luster desire to have family. She explained to me that her drive to be sucessful stems from her want for a family, then I professed that  my drive for sucess is not because I am trying to set up my future for a man and children to be apart of it, but because I want all these things for myself.

But what if having it “all” for me is: having investments, properties, a career and traveling the world? Who defines what all is or are we to define it ourselves?


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A young lady who loves to write. I'm sure there is supposed to be a lot more that I should type in this box, but read my work to get to know me better.
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