The Talk

I was recently checking one of the daily blogs/ online mag’s (shout out to Clutch Magazine) and there was a Question of The Day (QOTD) which asked:  what do you wish your parents told you about sex? I had to respond. I’ve never submitted a comment on a website before, but something compelled me this time. And my response was this:

I wish my mother took the time to explain to me the emotional aspect that is involved with sex. All the feelings that come with it, such as sex does not mean love. The anatomy aspect of it is important, yes, however, emotional scars can last long after you have raised a child. In retrospect, I don’t think she understood that herself. Sad, but true, nonetheless, I plan to break the cycle with my children, son or daughter (when I do have them).

I feel that  parents discuss this issue with their kids, they are so fearful of their children becoming young parents, that they lose sight of all the other things that come along with sex. Yes, there are babies, yes there are STD and STI’s, however, there are deep emotional issues that come with sex. For instance, everyone (and no one can tell me different), remembers their first sexual encounter. That is a memory that will stay with you forever. Whether or not the experience was a good one, or not, that’s debatable, but the point I am trying to make is that you never forget.

I wish my mother took the time to explain that sex does not mean love. Just because you give your body to someone, does not mean that they owe you anything. I wish she taught me the power, yes I said power that I have with what’s between my legs. You don’t believe there is power there? Hold out sex from a man long enough and see what happens. I don’t have any children yet, nor am I trying to dictate how to raise your own, but I feel that sometimes parents don’t give their children all the credit they deserve as to how smart they really are and how much they can handle. As far as having that “talk” with them about sex (I refuse to refer to it as ‘The Birds and The Bees’ because I’ve never seen a bird or a bee get it on), I think they should be given them the whole package: emotions, anatomy and all.


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A young lady who loves to write. I'm sure there is supposed to be a lot more that I should type in this box, but read my work to get to know me better.
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